Bill Meems Photography
2019 Demo Reel

Motion and Graphic Design Work

2D Animation, 3D Animation, Adobe After Effects, Broadcast Design, Cinema 4D, Conceptualizing, Graphic Design, Mograph, Motion Graphics, Production, Style, Titles

Below is a sampling of work which I’ve either conceptualized and developed, or contributed to in some form. It’s best to start with my current demo reel which is the latest iteration of work I’ve completed.

2019 Demo Reel

Built from 20 years of work and development within the broadcast industry, this reel shares some of my most recent projects involving my skills in conceptualizing, production, working with green screen footage, camera tracking, motion graphics, and title animations including 2D/3D design.

The music in my demo reel is titled “and then there were none” by MDK ©2019

50th Logo Reveal Final

The role of this animation was to introduce the tagline and 50th-anniversary bug for Cable 14’s 50th broadcast season. The concept suggested that Cable 14, being a community television station, has longevity within the community, continues to focus on the area, and will above all else continue to provide a positive reflection of the Hamilton area. Created using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects CC.

Mike's Epic City Matters Promo

This 30-second promo started with the concept of showing the host within the community, to act as a visual metaphor and represents the city-wide issues which discussed on the current affairs program City Matters. The tone and feel of the promo reflect the serious nature of the topics discussed. I shot (iPhone/Panasonic 4K camera), edited (Adobe Premiere), and colour-graded all footage. Motion graphics elements and camera tracking completed using Mocha and Adobe After Effects.

Christmas Train - Ending Animation Work

As part of a series of Christmas Greetings promotional animations, I was asked to design and animate an end board which included a greeting, and company logo. The original animation included the vertical camera move and Santa and his reindeer flying through the air. The Season Greetings text was created as 3D text in Adobe After Effects. Camera tracking and particle systems were added to the original animation, behind the sleigh, and to the seasonal text.