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A little about Bill Meems:

You’re here, and you’re interested in who I am. That’s why you are reading this. Well, I’m a creative person by nature, and this attribute seeps into most everything I do, whether it’s my professional life, as a Television Producer, or my personal life, creating photography and graphics.

I’m a people person. I enjoy bringing my clients what they are looking for and strive to exceed their expectations. I think I tend to work a little harder on delivering the best photography and services because I didn’t find photography until later in life, and sometimes feel I have to make up for not capturing the photography bug earlier in my youth.

Bill Meems Photography is the business, and I’m the photographer. You could also refer to me as the creatographer. Are you looking to make something unique and creative or just looking for something to capture your look and style? I’ve got you covered! I can be way outside the box, or keep it centered and subtle. Connect with me to share your thoughts, and together, we’ll make something great!


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Text or Call: 226-567-2462